In the digital space, we are inundated with messages. In every industry, across disciplines, products, services, specific messages or causes, companies are vying for attention. From purchasing a product or buying a service, to signing up for a newsletter or supporting an organization, THEY want US. Content is king, but it isn’t the amount of content that matters. It’s the quality and the delivery of the message.

As the fastest growing communication vehicle video is changing the way we communicate and the way we listen. While 30-60 second videos are still the norm, companies are now fitting their message into 6-second bumper ads. Blink and you’ll miss it. In a sea of options, a customized animation is a unique way to create a personalized connection with your audience. Animation gains attention, it is engaging and even entertaining. Animation gives your business a face – literally. It makes a statement, and that is what’s needed to stand out above the rest. Learn How Custom Character Animation Can Grow Your Business.

Creating a Connection

Video has the ability to take a flatlined written conversation and turn it into a meaningful engagement. Through tone of voice and design style video makes a business human. Custom character animation is a unique approach that gives viewers the feeling they are speaking directly with a company representative. The feeling of being personally addressed. This connection feels real and this strategy further deepens mental and emotional engagement, while standing out from the traditional live-action videos.

Building Trust

Video enhances a company’s message about its products. A 3-minute video can sell a product or service more effectively than a 4-page written document. With speed, video can make an impression about the features and benefits of the product, the integrity of the company, and answer “what’s in it for me”. Animation supports the person behind the screen making the claim. It is believable. Believing evolves into trust. With trust comes confidence in the decision to purchase.

Influencing Conversion

Vision is the dominant of the five senses. With people drawn to motion and color, custom character animation turns a passive audience into a captive audience. At that moment, a company can engage and influence a key target. In its simplest form, using the right message, a target can be persuaded to act. No longer a cost center, video becomes a profit center by generating real, qualified leads.

More Than A Sales Call

Custom character animation is ideal for a broad range of applications:

  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Sales Presentations
  • Video Marketing
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Communications
  • Television Commercials
  • Digital Signage
  • Recruiting Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • About Us
  • Startup Pitch Video

Whether you are creating an entertaining video for a company sales meeting, giving a sales pitch to a potential prospect, or working to stand-out from the competition video has the ability to ‘pull-in and hold’. Capture the viewer’s attention with a personalized message and persona. Contact us today to learn more about video marketing and anYOUmation custom character video development.

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