Here to Service Your Marketing Needs

Strategy, production, distribution, and more.

Comprehensive Video Marketing Services

At Capture, we determine how you can use video to accomplish your overall business objectives. Elements include identification of your target audience, determination of the content and quantity of videos, and production and distribution of the videos. The effectiveness of each video marketing campaign is measured through detailed analytics and refined as necessary in order to achieve optimal results.







Video Production

We have partnered with several video production and animation studios to create the best content that fits within your budget.


Our third party hosting platform creates robust real-time analytics, integrated calls to action and email capture forms that integrate with your CRM. It also improves your SEO rankings by sending viewers directly to your website, not to YouTube or Vimeo.

Social Media and Website Analysis

We provide an upfront keyword analysis as well as social media and website analysis. We want to make sure that when a visitor watches one of your videos, it is on a landing, social media or website page that is properly designed to turn visitors into prospects.


Capture utilizes the power of social media as well as relevant websites to get your video to the right place, in front of the right person, at the right time. Our goal is to cost-effectively use social media to build an audience, engage your viewers and prompt them to act.

CRM Integration

Email forms embedded directly in video will send captured emails directly into your CRM or simple spreadsheet so your sales staff can quickly and easily turn inbound leads into customers.

Track, analyze, and optimize ROI

Capture will continually measure the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign and recommend advertising expenditures and video placement based viewer’s engagement on ROI.